Welcome Message from the Chief Administrative Officer


Welcome to Luwero District Website

 I thank you for taking your available time to visit our website.  The District as a public institution offers service delivery and business in a transparent and accountable manner so as to allow stakeholders and the general public an opportunity to appreciate what we do, give feedback and raise concerns in relation to the expected ideals.

All District interventions are driven by our adopted vision “An empowered, just and socio-economically vibrant community”. Through strategic and day to day interventions we strive to fulfill our mission of serving the community through the coordinated delivery of services which focus on national and local significant priorities in order to promote sustainable development.

The District Political and technical team is ideologically and practically devoted to offering exceptional services to our clients in an equitable and sustainable manner so as to make Luwero a leading organization and destination for all. Technically the District team is committed to offer decent and professional quality service in a competitive manner in conjunction with the District Security Committee we are dedicated to providing our residents and guests a conducive and secure environment to live and do business.

This website serves as a valuable tool for providing update and timely information to all our development partners on opportunities for collaboration, partnership, investment and market promotion.  We call upon all our development partners and stakeholders to make use of the website for posting information, giving feedback and offering publicity for our local authorities and business.

Luwero District is a strategically located, growing and vibrant Local Government with a lot to offer to both its residents, business associates and guests.  The district is endowed with investment opportunities across the sectors of agriculture, tourism, industry, education and skills investment, labour and employment, promotion of real estate development and both tangible and intangible heritage exploitation.

You are therefore welcome in building partnership to tap these investments opportunities for the development of Luwero, Uganda and further make the world a better place to live in for all.

The Central Government through fiscal decentralization and the enabling policy framework is supporting the district through the various programmes interventions like the Road Infrastructure Development, the School Facility Grants, Luwero-Rwenzori Development Program (LRDP), Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Primary Health Care and the Discretion Fund Grants all aimed at improving the livelihood of the people, increase incomes levels and competitiveness.

As you navigate through the pages of the website, you will appreciate that a lot of development is taking place in Luwero District both at individual institution and partnership level.  These will help you know how investment opportunities can be tapped and if you need more clarification fill free to contact us at the District Headquarters or call telephone No. +256-393691149 during work hours.  Please note that Luwero District Headquarters is only 64 kmsor2 hours away from the City Centre on Kampala – Gulu Highway.

I welcome you to join us and request you to keep visiting our website so that you can stay updated on what is taking place in Luwero.